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Antepartum and Postpartum EHR code named 'Sparrow'

This product will provide users worldwide with an Electronic Health Record to monitor the progress of a pregnancy using obstetric and perinatal parameters. The system can be accessed using a desktop, or a mobile device.

This system complies with the HIPAA guidelines to protect the identity of its user, and the privacy of the user's patients. Privacy and security are achieved by enforcing authentication to identify the user, authorization to identify the user's right to access the proper information, and the secure transmission of information through the internet.

Once you are registered, you will be receiving an e-mail with instructions about how you can confirm your registration, and how you can start to use the system. The e-mail will also contain instructions of how to access the user's guide once you are logged in.

Information contained in the system will not be available to third parties, and no advertising
will be displayed during its use. The system will be only maintained by Nialls Systems, and its users.

This system is currently in the Beta stage. During this stage, it is expected that the users can find errors, inconsistencies, and needed refinements. The system provides its users with the tools to report all of that.

The user will be given between 3 and 6 months to try it by monitoring up to 5 patients. At the end of this trial period, the users will decide if they will like to continue using the finalized product.

To Register for 'Sparrow', please click Here

Here are some of this system's screen shots which are also available on its user's guide

Registration screen (click on the image to expand it) :

Login screen (click on the image to expand it) :

New patients list screen (click on the image to expand it) :

Sample of a full patients list screen (click on the image to expand it) :

Initial screen for a patient registration (click on the image to expand it) :

Sample of Ultrasound measurements, EFW calculations, and tracking (click on the image to expand it) :

Sample for getting and saving VBAC predictions (click on the image to expand it):
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